KATROCK ® is a silent, non-explosive demolition agent having the capability of demolishing rock or concrete safely without causing noise, vibration, fly-rock or environmental pollution.

It is a harmless, non-toxic powder which is safe, efficient, simple to use, and is very reliable under all sorts of conditions including under water. No permit is required for its use. KATROCK ® is used in circumstances where it is impossible to use traditional dynamite such as in close proximity to buildings, underground cables, gas, oil and water pipes. Because of its proven reliability it is used by all the major civil engineering and construction companies throughout Southern Africa.

The product, which is available in three grades, is used and is most effective where conventional explosives cannot be used and where special safety is required. KATROCK ® is placed into specially prepared holes and allowed to set. Forces of up to 3000 tonnes per square metre are generated depending on the type of KATROCK ® used and the temperature conditions. If this slurry is left for up to seven days in the holes, an expansive stress of close to 9000 tonnes per square metre can be generated.

Katrock Product brochures for download

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